Laura Ikeji in search of fashion lovers who can borrow her wigs, clothes

If you want to borrow wigs, bags, and shoes, then, you need to head to fashion blogger and entrepreneur, Laura Ikeji Kanu’s house, to pick one or two.

The 31-year-old has said she wishes she has a friend who loves fashion like her to borrow these items. She claims she doesn’t have anyone around her now who loves fashion so much as she does.

Laura shared a picture of her shoe rack on her Instagram page on in the early hours of Wednesday and wrote:

“Sometime I wish I had a best friend that can come borrow my wigs, clothes, bags, shoes, someone that can come to my house without me being around, someone I could trust enough to travel with me and my family, (Not a staff or someone who works with me), someone who loved fashion like me, or maybe if my husband had a younger sister she could share my stuff with me or maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️. My best friend @misszaynab doesn’t care about all these, this girl hasn’t asked me for a dime in about 15 years that I’ve known her 😂😂😂, I love u Yemisi, just sometimes I wished u liked all these fashion and its mess lol. U just no send.”

Laura, sister to Linda Ikeji, is the founder of Hey! Laura, an online entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle blog. She also owns one of the largest stores on the Island.



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